Getting this Web site off the drawing board – Up and running (almost)

I’ve now got my site up and can access it from the web. However (sigh! – there’s always an “however”!), I’ve now got an issue with my default “Home” page. When I log on the the site I get the incorrect home page gallery and can’t figure out how to correct this. I’ve logged a call / ticket with the theme developer in the hope that he’ll steer me to a solution.

This last issue is very frustrating as I feel I’m very close to having a site that I can tell my friends about, but I’m not there just yet. Close, but not close enough!!!

It’s now later n the day  (17:00 hours) and I’ve figured out for myself  how to fix the issue with my home page defaulting to the incorrect gallery. It was due to an incorrect parameter selection in the site admin option. That’s fixed now, but (another but!) one more issue remains. I want to base the home page gallery display on the themes “Flow” style but that’s not working right now, so it’s back to the drawing board on that one. I’m sure it also due to an incorrect setting on my part. This whole venture has been and interesting learning process for me and I’ve increased my understanding of how the WordPress hosting hangs together.

Now I’m going to contact a few friends and have them log in and test the site. I’m hoping that there wont be any issues, anyway it’ll be interesting to get their opinions.

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