Getting this Web site off the ground (D-day minus 1)

This post is logged on the 18th (at 01:16) but refers to the events of the 17th Jan.

This site is based on the WordPress theme “Core” which is a commercial theme for photographic web site. I omotially installed the theme on a local Linux NAS server which included a WordPress packag and developed the site on that. It was my intention (and hope) that I would copy the installation to whatever host site I contracted. When I was in a position to do this I ftp’ed / copied it to the host company’s server, but ran into issues with it’s activation. Many of the configuration files on the NAS were bespoke and would not work on the host’s server.

Having realised that I could not just copy it to the server I rolled up my sleves yesterday (17th) and started the site set up process form scratch. Setting up the content proved straight forward, as I’d been there and done that on my NAS server, However, there were a few configuration issues with the copying the WordPress theme to the site and also a few configuration issues. My hosting company,, have a support service which includes raising an online ticket / call with their support team. I used this service 3 times yesterday and on each occasion the speed of response and quality of service was exemplary. All my issues were responded to within 30 mins (and one within 10 minutes) and the offered solutions were detailed and accurate. Every credit to their support team; a support service against which others should be measured and most would fall short. “Way to go” Blackknight support!

I’ve now got my site in a “go-live” state and will, baring any technical issues, have it activated under my “” URL later today. Right now I can view it under a temporary web address and things are looking good.

Now with the wind and rain beating against the casements, I’m heading for bed and some well deserved sleep. Gooood night!

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