Getting this Web site off the drawing board – I messed up my site admin access

I managed to mess up my access to “wp-admin” access for my  WordPress site. The result of my error was that I was getting just text pages when I logged into my site and When I tried to get into site maintenance through “wp-admin” I was just being redirected to the site text pages.

“WP-admin” is where you maintain your web site pages, load photos etc. I was locked out and raised a ticket with BlackNight. This time that didn’t have a solution but said the error related to an incorrect database entry and suggested that I check the WordPress blogs for a one. One steered me in the right direction and I figured out the last bit myself.

I’m posting the solution here as it may be useful to some other WordPress user in the future. I’m using Blacknight as the host company for my site so you’ll find reference to them in this following. I’m not sure that this will be relevant in cases where sites are hosted by other companies.

WARNING:  Be very careful when editing your site database – you could really screw thing up.

1 Log into the control panel provided by Blacknight.
2 The select: Web Hosting –> Databases (in side panel) –> double click into the data base link.
3 On the next page double click into the link displayed beside “Browse database manage”. This will take you into the phpMyAdmin page.
4 In the side panel of this page double click into the “dbXXXXXx_[user name] entry. (where XXXXXx is a number)
5 In the next page, under the “Structures” tab (this is the default tab) select the “wp_options” check box and click the “browse” icon on that line.
6 In the main panel of the next page select the box beside the option named “siteurl” and then click on the “Edit” icon (the pencil)
7 Edit the text entry (IF it’s incorrect) – this should be the WordPress address for your site, as supplied by Blacknight. It’ll have the format

8 Click on the “Go” button to update the database.




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