Man Ray exhibition in London

NOTE: The London exhibition is now CLOSED

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For those interested in the history of photography, a Man Ray photography exhibition has opened in London (7 Feb  27 May 2013).

Man Ray (1890 – 19760), was in his early career a cubist and then surrealist artist; he later switched to photography and became famous for his portrait and fashion photography. His photo portrait subjects included James Joyce, Henri Matisse and other luminaries from the Parisian art world in the early 20th century. During his time in Paris, his muse and often time model was Lee Miller who went on to become a renowned photo-journalist in her own right.
So if you’re interested in the history of photography, and are in London during the exhibition time-frame, it should be well worth a visit. (See exhibition dates below).

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From the Irish Independent: (There’s a video on this Irish Independent link).

07 FEBRUARY 2013
Featuring over 150 vintage prints and key works from international museums and private collections, the exhibition also demonstrates Man Ray?s use of revolutionary photographic techniques and early experiments with colour.

From Glamyou web site

The exhibition is an opportunity for a new audience to connect with this period ( 1920s ) which still holds our fascination; as evident by The Great Gatsby film scheduled for release this year and the long anticipated renaissance of the label founded by Elsa Schiaparelli. Man Ray moved in avant-garde circles in 1920s Paris where he was perfectly placed to make defining images of his contemporaries from the Dada and Surrealist movements.  The exhibition brings together photographic portraits of cultural figures and friends spanning Man Ray’s career from 1916 to 1968; including Jean Cocteau, Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, James Joyce, Erik Satie, Henri Matisse, Igor Stravinsky, Yves Tanguy, Salvador Dali, Le Corbusier, Virginia Woolf, Aldous Huxley, Elsa Schiaparelli, Coco Chanel and Wallis Simpson. 

The exhibition will run from 7 February until 27 May 2013 at the National Portrait Gallery, London. Tickets are available at



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