The images in this gallery were taken during a 2011 hill walking / trekking vacation in the Sierra Nevada mountains in southern Spain.
(Check below the gallery for a short narrative on the holiday)

We based ourselves in Frigliana village (featured here) which is about 10 miles from the coast  in the foothills of the mountains. During our stay we trekked the mountains behind Frigliana and also travelled a couple of hours by car to climb Mulhacén peak which is the highest peak on the Iberian peninsula. Mulhacén is named after Abu i-HasanAli, or Muley Hacén as he is known in Spanish. He was the penultimate Muslim King of Granada in the 15th century. According to legend, he was buried on the summit of the mountain.  Mulhacén peak is ranked 64th in the world by prominence.

Some photos in the gallery feature Ibex, which live near the summit of Mulhacén.


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