Successful opening to KPS Exhibition at Kilkenny Arts Festival 2015

43 KPS members are exhibiting their photography in the “pop-up” gallery in the Kilkenny Mall / Arcade (the Mall joins High Street and James Street in the city).

The exhibition has a working title of: “Let us tell you a story” and it is left to the individual members to interpret this.

Some members have created image panels that tell a tightly created story,  while other members’ panels have themes that are more loosely woven, and still others members allow the individual images within their panel to tell their own story. For the past two years the large gallery space has allowed members a greater degree of artistic expression with their panels. If you get the opportunity to visit the exhibition, then take the time to analyse the individual images and the panels to help gain insight into the photographers’ creativity and artistry.

Additionally this year there are many other fringe festival artists exhibiting in the Mall, so there’s even more reason to visit.

This year I’m exhibiting in two separate sections of the KPS gallery. As I was successful in obtaining my Licentiate from the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) I’ve been given the opportunity to exhibit my successful licentiate panel. Additionally , similar to other KPS members who are exhibition, I’ve been allocated a personal wall area in which I’m exhibiting 7 images. Five of these are themed and were taken in the Lafcadio Hearn Commemorative Gardens in Tramore (C0. Waterford). The other two are individual images – one is a monochrome seascape entitled “Fragments” and the other is an image that has been shortlisted for the Royal Photographic Society International Print Exhibition 2015.

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