Website Update (Sept 01, 2013) – Using new Theme “Parabola”

I’ve today changed the WordPress theme on this site from “Core Minimalist” to “Parabola” (available from Cryout Creations). As a consequence the site is in a state of flux and some menu items are not working.  So bear with me for the next couple of days while I re-establish some links, update the Home Page and enhance the site using the available features provided by the Parabola theme. I’ll also be changing Gallery management on the site to use NextGen Gallery plug-in so Gallery links will be down while that’s taking place. Please be patient.

After a rather long hiatus I’ll also be getting more active with site updates, e.g. uploading and changing images and galleries, and also posting to my Blog on a more regular basis.

My blog posts will cover personal photography experiences, photography news and other items of interest relating to photography and the arts. So if you’re interested in photography, subscribe to my Blog and check out my posts. There’s a link in the footer of all pages of the site that can be used to subscribe to the site via email.

As for the change of WordPress theme, this was prompted by my success in developing a website for Kilkenny Photographic Society (KPS) using the “Mantra” theme from Cryout Creations (see above link). I found the “Mantra” theme to be feature rich, very flexible and easy to work with. Also the developers provide regular updates to enhance its functionality and usability. They have recently released version 1 of their new “Parabola” theme which is based on “Mantra”  and I’ve taken the plunge and switched over this site to “Parabola”.

So far I’ve had no real issues with the new theme, other than having to re-instating page links in some cases. This issue is due the customising that had been done by the “Core” theme and doesn’t reflect negatively on the “Parabola” theme.

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