Irish Photographic Federation (IPF) Nature Competition 2013 – Southern Event

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The Irish Photographic Federations (IPF) runs an annual National Nature Competition, (usually in quarter 1 of the year) and the 2013 event is currently under way. The Kilkenny Photographic Society (KPS) hosted the southern region event in the Newpark Hotel, Kilkenny, last Sunday (Jan 27, 2013). This regional competition, which is run by the Southern Association of Camera Clubs (SACC), selects images  from the southern region of Ireland to go forward to the national event. Four regions throughout Ireland host similar competitions each year to select entries for the national event.

This year’s SACC event was extremely successful with a record number of entries both in the “print” and “projected” sections. The competition results are available on this SACC web page. The judges for the event were Mark Sedgwick FIPF, EFIAP and Des Connors FIPF. Your’s truly was reasonably successful, considering that this was the first regional / national event that I entered. I got an Honourable Mention in the Print (Intermediate) category. You should be able to see my image with this post. Other KPS members who had successful entries are Vicky Comerford winning bronze medal and Donal Byrne winning the silver medal in the Print (Intermediate) category.


KPS is also playing host to the 2013 National Nature Competition finals this year (2012). It will be held in Kilkenny on March 9 in the Hotel Kilkenny. I’ll update this blog after that event.


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